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Everything you need to know about Retail Media

Bill Michels, GM of Retail Media at Moloco, explains why marketers are turning to retail media to drive campaign results, and how the distinct models can affect performance.

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Resolving the ramifications of rampant returns

Fashion retailers should look to adopt Big Data strategies and analyse customer shopping behaviour in detail to understand the reasons behind high return rates.

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Importance of Data Migration for Retailers

when data migrations go wrong, or when incumbent retail platforms fail to be optimized, they quickly become both under-performant and under threat from data breaches

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How to Manage the Ever-Present Complexity of International Payments 

There was a time that managing financial services around international trade was a simple affair. You had one financial services provider, probably a high street bank, that would handle all your requirements, whether it was paying suppliers abroad, managing foreign exchange or the huge volume of documents required

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How brands can ease ongoing Brexit headaches

Post Brexit, UK-based retailers and brands with Direct To Consumer (DTC) channels still find themselves struggling to justify the expense and difficulty of selling into the Eurozone, writes Martim Avillez Oliveira, Chief Executive Officer – UK and Europe, ESW…