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Three reasons why brands should stop using discount codes

The central purpose of using discount codes with influencers has been to promote measurement, which has been shown to be flawed – evaluating influencer marketing based on discount code sales does not provide an accurate picture of the channel’s effectiveness and value. Marketers need to rethink their approach.


How retailers can boost customer satisfaction and revenue during Peak Shopping season 

Brands are looking for ways to ensure customer satisfaction even during peak season, whether it be post-purchase communications, in-store experiences, and personalised recommendations. One crucial aspect that many retailers are overlooking holds immense potential for revenue retention and customer satisfaction: returns.  


Fueling Growth: Real-Time Retail

EDA is the fundamental framework that enables organisations to monitor and analyse the series of events occurring in their wider business. It achieves this by decoupling the events from the system it originated in, allowing them to be processed and transmitted in real-time to other systems, people or devices.


The prospects for Retail Media

retail media has gone from being owned almost exclusively by Amazon to a mainstream multi-billion revenue generator for retailers large and small. What can we learn from the pioneers, asks Bernd Bube, CEO and Founder of ADvendio…