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Customer Experience

If you want loyalty, give customers what they want

Traditional loyalty programmes usually operate by giving a financial reward to thank a customer after a transaction has been made. This act of giving something back solidifies choice and creates reasons for repeat purchase. 

Customer Experience

Expectations vs the evolving ecommerce landscape

Simply accepting that a delivery would arrive ‘whenever it arrived’ is a mere thing of the past. Introduced to customers by the likes of Amazon Prime, delivery choice is now considered hygiene


How has innovation influenced payments in Latin America?

Technological investment has had a significant impact in the region, transforming Latin America into a hub of innovation, highlighting payment preferences and trends that every merchant should be aware of.


What 2022 has in store for retail returns

Al Gerrie, CEO at returns specialist ZigZag Global, shares his thoughts on what’s going to change in retail returns over the next twelve months, from return to gift card to more sustainable and greater collection options.


2022 is the year retailers get fearless with innovation

2022 should be the year that retailers kick it up a notch, put any fears behind them and enact the technologies that have been waiting in the wings for the right implementation to accelerate consumer uptake

Customer Experience

Using data to keep customers engaged this Christmas

This festive season, brands face a challenge. Customer expectations are elevated, but widespread global pressures on supply chains are causing havoc with businesses’ ability to deliver the products and experiences customers are used to at this crucial time of year.