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The impact of the cost-of-living crisis on ecommerce businesses

Ecommerce might see a slight slowdown in growth, but there are still opportunities for online stores to meet consumer demand. For many, it’s a case of rethinking strategies and refocusing to align with a changing consumer mindset.

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Sustainability: a cornerstone for customer collaboration in 2023

Following a year fraught with conflict and economic turbulence, how do brands undertake the task of winning and retaining shoppers in this current landscape? Emma Sahota, Managing Director of Astound Commerce, examines the issue for ecommerce Age…


Nudie Jeans radically re-routes ecommerce for greater sustainability

Sustainable denim brand Nudie Jeans has partnered with headless commerce platform Centra to develop a unique Ship-from-Store solution that enables its customers to receive their orders from the nearest store as sustainably as possible…

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Improving online retail sustainability with three key steps

The role of ecommerce has been instrumental in reducing retail’s carbon footprint. Lower footfall and less reliance on vehicle transport will keep emissions down – but it is not without fault

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Myth-busting: the key to addressing advertising’s approach to sustainability

Because of the nature of digital, ad tech can realistically claim to be the most measurable channel, as well as delivering greater reach than its offline counterparts. And because it is virtual, it’s surely more sustainable and eco-friendly too. Pixels good, paper bad.But scratch a little harder and we see it’s not quite so straightforward.

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What being consumer-led means for businesses in 2022

We love something different every now and again. Maybe it’s in our endless pursuit of happiness or motivation. Maybe it’s ADHD slowly catching up with our internet-overused minds. Whatever it is. We simply cannot stand being inert. Right