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bp retail site customers to benefit from convenient parcel delivery with InPost partnership

 InPost the automated parcel machine (APM) service provider has announced that after a successful trial, InPost Lockers will be rolled out at approximately 300 bp service stations across the UK. Prominent locations include Wandsworth, Glasgow, Ashford and Brentwood.

As part of this trial, thousands of parcels have been processed across five locations, highlighting a clear appetite from consumers for this convenience-enhancing solution.

Michael Rouse, CEO of InPost International, comments: “People are always looking for ways to inject ease and convenience into their lives, and the introduction of InPost Lockers to by retail sites offers exactly that. With increasingly busy lives, shoppers can incorporate collecting, returning and sending their parcels into their journeys to work and beyond. It’s fantastic to be able to implement a practical and useful Out-Of-Home delivery solution into local communities up and down the country.”

Sonya Adams, VP mobility and convenience retail UK, bp added: “We know how precious time is for our customers and we are always looking for strong, compelling offers to meet their mobility and convenience needs — and make their lives that little bit easier. This trial has shown that customers on-the-move are looking for delivery solutions and I’m excited to see the rollout of InPost Lockers starting across our UK network of great roadside locations.”

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