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Competing with low consumer confidence

With a perfect storm gathering, how can online retailers overcome supply problems and continue to appeal to the right demographics in the age of consumer hesitation? Karel Schindler, CEO at ROI Hunter offers his opinion…

Customer Experience

Why Personalisation in 2023 is all about AI

Artificial Intelligence (AI) to drive core functions for retailers and brands will be a priority for 2023 as costs rise and customers become even more demanding, explains Emma Sahota, UK Managing Director at Astound Commerce… 


It’s time to unleash retail loyalty

Dimitri Kyprianou, Managing Director at Go Inspire CX, asks how retailers will walk the tightrope between customer acquisition and retention in the harsh months ahead?

Responsible Business

Sustainability: a cornerstone for customer collaboration in 2023

Following a year fraught with conflict and economic turbulence, how do brands undertake the task of winning and retaining shoppers in this current landscape? Emma Sahota, Managing Director of Astound Commerce, examines the issue for ecommerce Age…