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How SEOs can make AI work for them

AI is not just there for the nasty things in life like underpinning Google’s anxiously awaited algorithm updates. More and more, the technology is being harnessed to change the way SEOs work – helping them ensure Google gets it right with their content.

Customer Experience

The rise of instantaneous grocery deliveries and the impact on CX

Retailers have struggled to cope with this demand and maintaining a seamless customer experience was initially a significant shift that presented difficulties for many grocers that didn’t have the right infrastructure in place to support their delivery and supply chain at the scale required.


Rethink and reset your ecommerce strategy

The current changes in the ecommerce landscape seem to offer a one-of-a-kind opportunity to create memorable marketing moments and build strong customer relationships, only if advertisers and marketers are willing to move strategically. So how can they do this and what is the stand out area that marketers need to re-think to make ecommerce really work? 


How online brands took centre stage – and show no signs of stopping

Alongside a surge in online revenue, brands have acquired valuable lessons, accelerated digital strategies and expanded into new channels in order to reach their target customers. Many businesses may still be on the road to recovery, but has this intensely challenging period actually future-proofed these retail brands more than ever before?