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ShipEngine adds 24 carriers to UK platform

ShipEngine, a multi-channel, multi-carrier API platform, has added 24 carriers to its shipping platform within a year of launching in the UK market. As part of this growth, every major UK postal and parcel carrier is now available on the ShipEngine platform, providing retailers, marketplaces and third party logistics providers (3PLs) with easy access to greater delivery choice and convenience.   

ShipEngine’s API provides a range of developer and white-label tools that make it simple to build and deploy delivery experiences that attract, convert and retain more customers. It easily integrates multi-carrier shipping label functionality with ecommerce order fulfillment technology and reduces the cost to ship. ShipEngine provides its users with easy access to 70+ international carriers via a single integration, enabling instant access to its discounted carrier rates or the option to use your existing carrier accounts. By leveraging ShipEngine’s technology, users can remove costs and complex manual processes associated with developing and maintaining multiple carrier integrations and instead focus on their core business. 

Tom Forbes, SVP of Enterprise Revenue at Auctane, ShipEngine’s operating group, commented: “Over the past year, ShipEngine has experienced substantial growth in the UK market, serving the shipping needs of a diverse range of customers, including merchants, technology platforms, marketplaces and 3PL’s. To support this growth, we’ve made significant investments in our platform, adding 24 new carriers that operate both domestically and internationally from the UK, as well as a further 14 European carriers to our expanding portfolio. For every single carrier, we have written comprehensive documentation encompassing programmatic information and features to help our customers make informed decisions when selecting the most suitable carrier for their businesses. Alongside this, we’ve devoted considerable resources to enhancing our pick up, drop off (PUDO) and cross-border shipping services, ensuring we can continually adapt to the changing needs of our customers as they scale their businesses.” 

Alongside the growth of its carrier network, ShipEngine has also added considerable functionality to support its PUDO services in Europe over the last 12 months. The new Service Point API allows customers to build collection options directly into their checkout experiences and to easily generate PUDO shipping labels. Merchants can now search for one or multiple carrier’s PUDO points in a chosen location and gain access to essential information from each individual point. It also enables merchants to extend their range of delivery options, providing consumers with convenient low cost, sustainable shipping choices. 

ShipEngine has also added significant functionality to its international shipping offering, allowing merchants to smoothly ship across borders. In particular, ShipEngine has enhanced its customs support, incoterms and TINs, enabling merchants to generate accurate and compliant electronic trade documents, commercial invoices and CN23s for cross-border shipping. Merchants are able to reduce unnecessary international shipment delays and keep their delivery promise, no matter where they ship to. 


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