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Patchworks launches new tools for ecommerce brands to take control of their app integrations

Patchworks has launched the latest innovative additions to its integration platform as a service (iPaaS) – Connector Builder, Connector Marketplace and pre-built Process Flows which empower ecommerce brands to customise their own integrations.

With Connector Marketplace, Patchworks’ library of pre-built connectors, teams with minimal tech expertise can integrate best-of-breed applications quickly and easily with the click of a button. Connector Builder enables brands or agencies to automate, streamline, and grow their operation by building bespoke connectors for systems and Process Flows allows merchants to connect their systems together through drag and drop process workflows by connecting together ‘shapes’ in sequence.

This platform release builds upon the foundations released last year which allows customers to take more control over their integrations. The new Connector Builder tool allows brands to connect any system, even if it’s not currently available in the Connector Marketplace. Its easy-to-use interface guides teams through the connector setup process. After simply defining basic details, authentication methods and endpoints, it generates a bespoke connector that works with any standard Patchworks connectors. In addition to the technology, merchants have access to various levels of support and Patchworks’ reliable data security features.

Connector Builder connects merchants to any system with an API and these systems are then choreographed through Patchworks new feature: Process Flows. Process Flows is designed to automate and streamline system integrations, allowing teams to add and manage all process flows from one central location. Easily accessed through Patchworks’ Connector Marketplace, it provides a centralised hub for managing and optimising a brand’s business processes, where users can . 

These are created and edited on an easily accessible canvas, where you can drag and drop predefined, automated “shapes” to build process flows in a visual way. These shapes represent various processes, such as triggers, mapping, filters and connectors, allowing ultimate flow control. Patchworks will be constantly creating new Process Flow shapes over the following months to provide users with new functionality.

As a recent member of the MACH Alliance, Patchworks is driving business agility through composable commerce architectures, allowing merchants to quickly combine and customise various best-of-breed components into a single solution tailored to any specific business needs.

Jim Herbert, CEO of Patchworks, said: “We know that merchants are under pressure to do more with less, and need more flexibility and agility. This is why we’re empowering users with the skills to connect and integrate through our no-code / low-code platform. If a system isn’t in our marketplace, a merchant’s tech team can use connector builder to create a new connector in minutes, and use process flows to orchestrate the data process through Patchworks through our best-in-class user experience. With ease-of-use, open connectivity, and the ability to progressively scale from non-technical staff through to developers with our custom scripting shapes, Patchworks should be a merchant’s first choice for integrating systems.”

Conor Barr, Chief Product Officer at Patchworks said: “The release of Patchworks Connector Builder and Process Flows is the perfect blend of outstanding user experience, making it as easy as possible to integrate systems together, and the completion of our MACH alliance certified architecture.  Building on micro-services means our merchants will benefit from a constant release of new features, and the reliability, security and automatic scaling of our cloud partners Amazon Web Services. Our product team has delivered a platform that supports simple no-code integrations, and low-code with our “custom scripting” feature for developers. I’m proud to see their hard work pay off.”

The tech company’s new tools expand Patchworks’ portfolio of ecommerce solutions, which now includes 2023-launched Patchworks BI and Stockr. Patchworks’ combined 8.8m investment from Gresham House Ventures since 2021 has enabled the business to build a portfolio of dedicated tech for B2C, B2B and D2C offerings that design the future in the retail space. 


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