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Curity welcomes new client wins for its identity management solution

Curity, a technology company focused on identity management solutions for APIs, has won new clients including TransferGo, Binogi, and ToucanToco.

TransferGo, a UK-based financial services company that enables quick and safe money transfers for individuals, aims to use the Curity solution for their main customer-facing services. The Curity Identity Server will allow them to customise authentication and registration flows to use in various login scenarios to increase flexibility. They are also determined to use Curity’s Hypermedia Authentication API in their mobile applications to achieve seamless browser-less login for a streamlined user experience.

Binogi, a company offering multilingual learning applications and high quality content for middle schools, learners and teachers in Europe, North America and Africa, is making a major architecture shift. Its main goal is to ensure global scalability and that the data privacy of learners is well protected. Using the Curity Identity Server they can build a shared global layer and still meet local data privacy demands without duplicating the system for each separate location. Binogi will also be able to easily offer local and specialized login solutions, such as organization specific SSOs.

For the Boston-headquartered ToucanToco, a customer-facing analytics platform that empowers companies to drive engagement with data storytelling, the decision to choose the Curity Identity Server was based on the excellent multi-tenancy, federation and configuration automation possibilities. They would allow them to ensure their users have a smooth and secure login experience.

Stefan Nilsson, Chief Commercial Officer (CCO), commented on the recent additions to Curity’s customer list: “We are pleased to see that companies of diverse industries continue to see the value and usefulness of our product. We look forward to working with our new customers and supporting them in establishing a solution that helps protect their users and APIs and facilitate new innovations.”



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