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CommerceHub partners with Miravia in Spain

CommerceHub, one of the world’s largest commerce networks for global retailers and brands, today announced implementation of its ecommerce platform with Miravia, a premier selling channel in Spain. The integration will power Miravia’s mission to become the everyday ecommerce ecosystem where brands, buyers and creators connect.

With its implementation of CommerceHub’s unified commerce platform, Miravia has access to CommerceHub’s comprehensive ecommerce solution, empowering connections to tens of thousands of brands that can now sell and promote their products on the Miravia marketplace. Through the partnership with CommerceHub, Miravia will help these merchants reach new buyers.

Miravia launched last year as a new ecommerce model in Spain, providing users with a vibrant and agile online shopping experience. It is both a marketplace and entertainment space where consumers can access a wide offering of products from their favourite brands, and learn about the latest trends in fashion, beauty, and lifestyle through innovative solutions like exclusive content created by influencers or virtual make-up try-on lenses. It is also a unique platform for sellers and brands where they can have their own stores, with freedom to design them, select the products they offer, define prices and promotions, interact directly with customers and users, and apply their own loyalty programs.

“As Miravia launches in Spain, the fastest growing ecommerce market in Europe, we wanted to work with a platform that could help us scale the business and optimize our presence at pace,” said Yann Fontaine, Miravia CEO. “CommerceHub and ChannelAdvisor have unique capabilities in marketplace integration, helping brands to expand their sales reach while improving profitability. Their comprehensive platform, innovative SaaS solutions and the extensive commerce network they bring to the table made partnering with them a very easy decision.”

Phillip Hall, CommerceHub Managing Director, EMEA, commented: “In today’s dynamic ecommerce environment, it’s more important than ever for brands and retailers to be able to reach customers through more diversified channels. Those that leverage these platforms effectively have the potential to drive new audience discovery and grow online sales. Our integration with Miravia will help them streamline processes, drive growth, and generate faster results for their customers.”

CommerceHub, which acquired ChannelAdvisor in 2022, supports more than 40,000 retailers and brands, 420 channels, and processes more than 2.4 billion ecommerce transactions per year.


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