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Buyers’ remorse runs rampant as customer loyalty falters, finds R/GA research

60% of customers globally are unsure if they would make the same purchase decision if given the opportunity to do it again, according to a new report from global marketing agency R/GA.

The report – ‘The Power of Brand Relationship Design’ – highlights the increasing importance of post-purchase communication between brands and their customers. The research suggests that, in 2020, many brand marketers shifted their business growth approach, focusing less on customer acquisition, and more on customer retention

From 14 June to 27 September, 2020, R/GA surveyed nearly 16,000 consumers in the US, EMEA, LATAM, and APAC across 15 service verticals, and honed in on six: ecommerce, personal care and beauty, consumer technology and electronics, credit cards, quick service restaurants, and health and fitness. The goal of this research was twofold: to understand how brand relationships are evolving across these six product/service verticals—and what it takes to create the most optimal post-purchase customer relationship.

The report uncovers six  global insights and corresponding strategies for brands looking to win long-term retention.  For example, the survey revealed that the expectation for ‘seamless’ interactions with a brand is now the absolute baseline for the majority of consumers: 75% of customers don’t just enjoy, but expect, a seamless experience across all devices and channelsBrands must surpass these expectations to not only win over, but win back, lasting customers.

Customers across all categories were asked to outline the things they most felt they needed immediately after they bought something. 41% of respondents chose ‘Getting the most out of my purchases’, while 40% of respondents chose ‘just answer my questions’ as their primary post-purchase need. 26% of respondents indicated they were interested in product curation: brands helping them discover what else to buy.

Rebecca Bezzina, SVP Managing Director R/GA London, said: “We’re delighted to launch what is R/GA’s largest ever global research report. This research unveils six fundamental truths that influence repeat product purchase and service use, along with corresponding strategies brands can take to activate against these insights. Brand Relationship Design is a unique R/GA framework that helps brands establish and nurture lasting relationships with their customers, creating mutual value at every touch.”

To download the report, click here.


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