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Burnley FC scores big in ecommerce with Visualsoft partnership

English football club Burnley FC has partnered with Visualsoft, a leading ecommerce provider, to enhance its online retail operations and transform the overall customer experience.

Founded in 1882 and located in the north of England, the prestigious football club has a rich history and a passionate fan base, competing in the top-tier English football premier league. Striving for excellence both on and off the pitch, the club recognised the need to improve its ecommerce platform to better serve its fan base and expand its international reach.

Visualsoft designed and launched a brand-new ecommerce site, reinvigorating the customer journey. The new platform offers seamless browsing, navigation and payment processes, providing fans with an enhanced shopping experience. In addition to the improved interface, innovative ecommerce solutions and partner technology integrations were implemented enabling Burnley FC to offer a wider range of options to its fans and significantly boost online sales.

Burnley FC’s pre-existing site failed to provide the desired level of engagement and interaction, leading to fewer retail sales. By teaming up with Visualsoft, the club aimed to revamp its online presence and maximise its growing retail potential retail sales.

The partnership with Visualsoft has laid a solid foundation for the football club’s future development. Burnley FC’s Director of Strategy, Hamish Wilson, said: “We have only scratched the surface and are already working to release further upgrades to the site including more personalised shopping experiences for international fans. Our aim is to double our online sales and have 50% of overall retail sales come from the ecommerce platform. Visualsoft has already delivered improvements that bring Burnley FC closer to these ambitious targets, and we’re actively working on further developments to achieve these goals.”

“Throughout the project, Visualsoft’s developers, project managers and directors worked closely with us to ensure a smooth implementation process. Despite some challenges along the way, the project was completed ahead of the end-of-season sale and the launch of Burnley FC’s 23/24 kit, enabling us to capitalise on these significant retail events.”

Antony Hoyland, VP of Business Development at Visualsoft said: “We are over the moon to partner with such an iconic and legendary club like Burnley FC and support its mission in providing an exceptional online experience for its fans. We’re committed to helping businesses thrive in the digital landscape, and we’re looking forward to seeing what comes next for this historic but forward-thinking and innovative football club.”


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