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Brits browsing longer and buying fewer products

New research from Retail Economics and FreedomPay shows that Brits are taking longer to decide
which products they want to buy, amid continued pressures on personal finances…

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Time-poor shoppers cut social and TV to head for retail sites and apps

According to Consumer Sentiment Index (CSI) data from Criteo (NASDAQ: CRTO) – the commerce media company – over eight-in-10 (81%) UK consumers will shop for presents online this year with 60% identifying the time saving aspect of shopping online as their main reason. ..

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Britain’s post-Covid consumers fall into five ‘tribes’

According to a new VCCP Collaborative report, post-Covid rebound Britain is redrawing the nation into new ‘tribes’ along complex psychological lines, with major long-term impacts on consumer behaviour.

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Maximising Q4 success on Amazon

OMG Transacts top five tips to ensure your business is ready for the expected traffic and sales increase in Q4 on Amazon.