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Walmart enters agency partnership with Omnicom

In another sign of the growing importance of retail media, Walmart has entered into a strategic partnership with Omnicom Media Group to deliver benefits to the agency holding company’s clients.  

Through Walmart’s DSP, Walmart Connect, Omnicom’s agencies will be able to cross-screen plan against Walmart’s audiences in Omni, Omnicom’s open operating system, which orchestrates outcomes for clients across the consumer purchasing journey.

“As marketers prepare for the deprecation of third-party cookies, we’re building a platform and ecosystem that leverages the scale of Walmart’s first-party data and strong customer relationships to help them deliver strong ROI in an increasingly fragmented environment. Our partnership with Omnicom illustrates Walmart Connect’s focus on driving growth, improving product capabilities and educating the industry on the role retail media platforms have in delivering measurable solutions that connect clients with omnichannel shoppers,” said Seth Dallaire, Executive Vice President and Chief Revenue Officer at Walmart.

The partnership, which is Walmart Connect’s first with an agency holding group, will give planners the ability to identify the domains, apps, and screens with the most effective reach and cost for Walmart audiences. And, with Omni ID, they will be able to push advertiser’s first-party data to Walmart Connect to combine it with Walmart audiences.

“Landing the first holding company partnership with Walmart Connect marks another differentiator in Omnicom’s connected commerce offer, while also demonstrating the unique opportunity for data interoperability that the Omni platform offers retailers,” said Frank Kochenash, Omnicom eCommerce CEO.


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