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Getir launches ‘Europe’s biggest’ quick commerce store network

On-demand delivery service Getir has launched ‘Europe’s biggest’ store network for fast grocery delivery, thanks to its acquisition of Gorillas at the end of 2022. The combined network of the two companies will serve customers in Germany, the UK, the Netherlands, and the US.

As a result of the merger, both brands – and their respective apps – will continue to operate separately. However, customers ordering from either service will benefit from a “stronger and more efficient” store network, where more products are available and the first available courier from either brand delivers orders.

“Since the acquisition, we have had one clear goal in mind: Getir and Gorillas – stronger and better together. Today’s announcement exemplifies how leveraging the synergies of both organisations can lead to not just the biggest and most efficient store network for ultrafast grocery delivery, but also one that will significantly increase the product range and service quality for our customers,” said Turancan Salur, Regional General Manager of Getir. “It is also a testament to the great work of our team, who have been able to achieve this milestone in just a few months’ time.”

The combining of the two brands’ store networks will be fully completed over the next few months. Getir has warned that some stores may close as a result, but the company has put measure in place to minimise the impact on staff, such as offering people the opportunity to relocate to a different store.


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