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Merry Christmas & Happy New Year from ECA! See you in 2022

As we wave goodbye to another difficult year, we, here at Ecommerce Age, prefer not to dwell on the past and instead look to the future. We’re dedicated to the latest developments in the world of online retail. And always looking to deliver insightful thought leadership across the customer experience, DTC, and marketing categories, among others, in the sector. 

We do this by delivering consistent, well-thought-out content both from our editorial team and from a range of industry experts, who provide their deep knowledge and expertise through guest opinion pieces. 

As with any tech-based market, the ecommerce space is constantly evolving. And the pandemic has accelerated many advancements in the sector, putting us between five and 10 years ahead of where we expected to be. 

One of the biggest developments we’ve seen over the last few years is the emergence of livestream shopping via social media. QVC-like live shopping events across platforms like Instagram and TikTok becoming the next big way for brands to reach audiences. Unlike long-standing TV shopping channels, these social video events will often combine entertainment, and the power of celebrities and influencers, with the traditional shopping elements to deliver an engaging way for brands to showcase their wares to consumers.

Along similar, yet very different, lines, you may have just so happened to hear the terms ‘metaverse’ and ‘NFT’. Two terms that we will continue to hear a lot about over the coming years, and two things that we need to be paying attention to. Just last week, the two biggest sportswear brands in the world – Nike and Adidas – both made their metaverse intentions very clear. 

Nike announced its acquisition of virtual footwear maker RTFKT, while Adidas entered the metaverse with an NFT collection. Whatever your opinion on the metaverse and NFTs, the waves being made can’t be ignored.

With both livestream shopping and virtual commerce looking like big business in 2022 and beyond, those will be two areas that Ecommerce Age will be looking to focus on heavily. As such, we’re interested in hearing from any industry leaders with something interesting to say about the topics, and will be looking to deliver an array of written, video, and audio content on both those topics across Ecommerce Age and our sister title, New Digital Age.

So, get in touch, and watch this space!


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