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How to Manage the Ever-Present Complexity of International Payments 

There was a time that managing financial services around international trade was a simple affair. You had one financial services provider, probably a high street bank, that would handle all your requirements, whether it was paying suppliers abroad, managing foreign exchange or the huge volume of documents required

Customer Experience

The fallacy of frictionless experiences

Frictionlessness has become the holy grail of ecommerce. From the ‘Shop Now’ function on Instagram or Amazon’s One Click To Buy button. The ambition is simple, and largely admirable – to make it as easy as possible for people to get their hands on the things they want.

Customer Experience

Brands prioritise digital quality to keep hold of customers

Retailers and consumer brands are under constant pressure to create the best physical and digital experiences to retain existing customers and attract new ones. Unfortunately, the bar is constantly being raised because of rapidly evolving technology like AI, VR and the metaverse.

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Social media is not the place for social commerce

Social commerce is already massive and Accenture has predicted that it will be worth $1.2 trillion by 2025, growing three times faster than traditional e-commerce. It also claimed that by 2025, social will comprise no less than 17% of all e-commerce sales.

Responsible Business

What being consumer-led means for businesses in 2022

We love something different every now and again. Maybe it’s in our endless pursuit of happiness or motivation. Maybe it’s ADHD slowly catching up with our internet-overused minds. Whatever it is. We simply cannot stand being inert. Right

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How brands can build customer loyalty in 2022

Despite these challenges, some brands are managing to cut through the noise and achieve success. For instance, in January retailer Hotel Chocolat announced it had grown revenue by 37% thanks to strong brand position and multichannel strategy, while Marks & Spencer reported a record festive shopping period.