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Glynn Davis: It’s winner-takes-all in the takeaway delivery sector

As things have opened up we’ve reverted back to our previous behaviour and take-away food deliveries are again off the menu in my household. It would seem that we are the exceptions among the bulk of the UK population because delivery and take-away sales still remain at more than twice the level seen before Covid-19.

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Glynn Davis: Why impulse and discovery need to be part of your ecommerce strategy

Over recent years the major supermarkets have gradually been removing sweets and unhealthy snacks from the area around their checkouts after coming under pressure from the government and other groups accusing them of contributing to the nation’s obesity problem. Enforceable restrictions are also on the way via the HFSS (high fat, salt and sugar) legislation.

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The ECA Q+A, Ben Patten of Good Club

Glynn Davis, our regular columnist and founder of Retail Insider sits down with Ben Patton, Founder of Good Club

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Glynn Davis: Robotics plays an increasingly important role in the retail sector

We only need to go back to early 2020 to find that a major worry in the retail industry was the forecasted loss of jobs due to robotics and automation, with the BRC (British Retail Consortium) predicting 370,000 roles would become extinct by 2025 as a result of the advance of technology automating a plethora of roles.

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Rethink and reset your ecommerce strategy

The current changes in the ecommerce landscape seem to offer a one-of-a-kind opportunity to create memorable marketing moments and build strong customer relationships, only if advertisers and marketers are willing to move strategically. So how can they do this and what is the stand out area that marketers need to re-think to make ecommerce really work? 

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How conversational commerce is driving ROI for brands

By having real-time conversations with customers, brands are able to establish a connection and drive loyalty by providing exactly what a shopper needs at exactly the right time.